Jason Gray’s career as a CCM recording artist goes back over a decade and requires no introduction. What people may be unaware of, however, is that Jason’s not the only Gray with musical talent up his sleeve. Twenty-one year old Kipper has rhythm all of his own and is establishing himself as a budding producer. It was only a matter of time before the duo put their skills together outside of the household. And that’s just what they’ve have done, with Jason’s new EP The Kipper Gray Sessions releasing Friday, September 14.

“I’ve played around with music with my son for years and had always hoped one day we could make a commercial project with each other,” Jason says. “My record label ended up hearing some demos Kipper had done for me, and we felt like there was a little bit of magic in it that we wanted people to hear.” With a laugh he adds, “Plus, I figured my son does kind of owe me, since I paid for his room and board for eighteen years…”