Mary Pat and Whitney met in college with no intent of ever becoming such good friends. God quickly showed them that He had a plan to use them to make music together and tell people about Himself through the truth of His word. They started out playing at Liberty University’s Christmas Coffeehouse with ‘The Band You’re About To Hear’ and after three years travelling with them, graduated in May 2011.
With school out of the way, music is their livelihood and telling people about Jesus is their main priority.
Water Within is an earful of tight harmonies singing insightful truth with an acoustic ambiance. The intentionality and passion behind their music is sure to give you a new perspective into the love of Jesus and the life He gives to those who follow Him.

Worship, Americana, Indie, Acoustic
Band Members
Mary Pat Smissen – lead vocals
Whitney Walker – vocals, guitars
Nashville, TN